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Karina (070E)


Say hello to our bestseller! This model was originally designed for a former world champion and current Brand Ambassador, Karina Smirnoff, who is now often seen on ABC's hit show,...

Andra (080E)


This model features a beautiful braid that is a perfect complement to the interlaced straps of the shoe. The braid adds a wonderful finishing touch and was specifically designed for...

Nikolishina (071E)


This was one of the first models to incorporate an adjustable toe box. This shoe features four interlaced straps that can be tightened for narrow feet or loosened for wider...

Asta (072E)


This model is our newest offering, which was designed with functionality in mind. Female dancers often graze the inside of their satin heel cups against each other in swift movements,...

Karina (070T)


This model was originally designed for a former world champion, Karina Smirnoff, who is now often seen on ABC's hit show, Dancing With The Stars. Over the years, it has...

Amanda (082E)


This shoe is a by-product of AIDA’s most popular model, the 070, which features a beautiful and glistening buckle the connects the intertwined straps. The buckle adds an extra dimension...


In 26 years of it's existence AIDA, a manufacturer of ballroom & latin dance shoes, has made tremendous progress in meeting dancers' needs worldwide. Popularity of Aida shoes is constantly increasing in United States, England, Italy, Poland, Spain, Austria, Germany and Holland.

Our goal is to consistently provide the dancing community with the best shoes possible, which would satisfy quality and comfort expectations of every dancer without exception, beginners and professionals alike. After almost two decades on the market we can proudly state that we've not only met this goal, but also revolutionized the dance sport industry. 

In addition to phenomenal worldwide success and popularity Aida Dance Shoes do not intend to stop at achieved results. AIDA is actively developing new models, researching more sophisticated manufacturing technologies, and implementing improvements into an already impressive product line.

Our level of commitment and constant improvement makes us confident that if you aren't yet our client, tomorrow you will be.

AIDA Dance Shoes - Best Dancers' Choice




  • Karina

    Aida Women Latin

    Karina Smirnoff (070E)

  • Smagin

    Aida Men Latin

    Eugene Smagin (136T)

  • Aida Women Practice

    Black Leather Practice (121D)

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    All the extras you need

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